Jewelry That Inspires

Meri Lou Jewelry narrates everyday voices, ambitions, dreams, and realities. Using the highest quality techniques and materials, each piece is crafted by hand and meant to last a lifetime.

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Meri Lou stands for: Inclusivity, Sustainability, Equity.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

At all stages of production, Meri Lou Jewelry prioritizes environmental care.  There is very little waste created during our jewelry-making process. Any cut-offs from our castings go back into our raw materials mix to be reused in the next product, ensuring a sustainable approach at each step.

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Our Values

We believe we can profit and have a fruitful business if we care for our environment and our people. With that in mind we built a team with diverse cultures and we believe everyone’s different social and ethnic backgrounds are adding different taste to our final talismans.

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